Mundial offers a powerful combination of experience and innovation to meet the needs of its customers.

Our customers rely on the highest quality and complete advice on foreign trade and customs clearance, having at their disposal the tools and expertise in all stages of their process.

In addition to obtaining reliable services, our flexibility allows you to choose the personalized support that best fits your business, whether covering the whole process from start to finish or segmented according to your needs. For the convenience of our customers, our dedicated staff offer an in-company service designed to fulfill your demands.

Detailed below are the services offered in Specialized Technical Assistance and Consulting:

  • Development projects focused on uncommon importation or exportation, such as transfers or acquisitions of systems and / or production lines manufacturing new or used.
  • Valuation report of equipment required for importation into Brazil or abroad.
  • Preparation and management of proceedings aimed at granting the petition tax benefit to be applied on imported machinery and equipment (excluding fare).
  • Formulating and coordinating import or export processes temporarily according to customs regime.
  • Preparation of election procedures for granting rights to use special tax regimes and operational benefits such as: RECOF, Blue Line, Automotive Regime, Traffic and Customs warehousing and others.
  • Consulting and technical assistance and advice on the classification, description and representation of goods and products for the fiscal environment in accordance with the Harmonized System (HS Code) and the Mercosul Common Nomenclature (NCM).
  • Preparation of drawback concession to manage the operations linked, verified and finalized.