Our team is ready to assist you in any situation relating to customs procedures, thanks to the know-how acquired in high complexity operations. We are not limited only to receive documents, preparing the proceedings and to withdraw goods from customs; Mundial conducted a detailed inspection by a compliance analysis with the legal documents that govern the operations. In other words, our involvement starts long before cargo arrives at customs to be cleared for import or export, which provides more safety and efficiency in the customs process.

Mundial knows that customs clearance is the last and most complex step in the import and export process, it is the act of auditing at customs that is identified as non-compliance or failures that occurred in the previous steps, because of inadequate technical advice. For this reason, we broaden the safety margin for the importer or exporter to ensure that the full process is carried out solely by Mundial because we will be interacting directly and proactively in all phases, minimizing the chances of failure. When the action of Mundial is only restricted to customs, before placing orders, supporting documents pass through complete technical conference in accordance with the legislation requirements.

The customs services performed by Mundial:

  • Preparation and formulation of technical processes;
  • Orders and customs clearance of importation and exportation in the modalities air, sea and road;
  • Preparation of prior import licenses;
  • Assistance and formulation of export documentation;
  • Registration and licensing of companies to act as importer and/or exporter.